Austria has a glorious hunting history with ancient traditions that have been preserved until nowadays. The here and now of the hunting in Austria is characterized by amazing landscapes, wide range of animals, high quality of hunting services and a unique sense of hospitality towards hunters. There are around 140000 hunters in this small nice country (8,5 millions inhabitants), probably there is one hunter at least in each family and so hunt has a good reputation.

Up to XX century big game hunting was a privilege of the aristocracy and when we talk about aristocracy in Austria we refer to the Hapsburgs at first. Emperor Franz Joseph I was a skilled hunter with a special passion for hunting on Alps. The Emperor’s family devoted a lot of resources to management of hunting grounds where still nowadays hunters from all over the world can spend gripping hunting days. Starting from 50’s Austrian institutions and the owners of the hunting areas manage hunt in an excellent way taking care of wildlife species: capercaillie, black grouse, roe deer, red deer, chamois, mouflon and alpine-ibex.

Hunting structures are very professional and pleasant stays are guaranteed by a lot of hotel facilities from hunting chalet to luxurious chateau or hotel spa where you can taste excellent food and wine. Last but not least trophies are indeed excellent. Hunt on Alpine Mountains of course has a predominant role with amazing mountainous hunting grounds well accessible by stalking paths.We have selected the best hunting facilities across the whole Austria and we can guarantee a high standard hunting stay as well as the most convenient rates (best value for money).

We can arrange a personalised hunting stay according individual needs and wishes of the client. We focused our attention especially on austrian hunting offer that can complete our czech and slovakian hunting offer with different opportunities that you can’t find in the Czech republic and Slovakia.

Please see our hunting offer in regard to individual and collective hunts in the section Hunt by Country.