We have selected a number of areas in the Czech Republic for high quality driven pheasants shooting. These are terrains with ravines between rocks, depressions, alternating areas of different altitudes covered with tall trees. These areas are very extensive (in some cases many thousands of hectares) and allow the release of birds many months before the hunting season. The result is that during the shoot you will only see mature pheasants with long tails flying high over your head. This is also due to the excellent organisation (with beaters and dogs) that has been tried and tested over many years with several groups. In each of these areas there are extremely challenging drives that will test even the most experienced guns. You can see one of these drives by opening the short video below. In the two PDFs at the bottom of the page you will find two complete offers with prices for a shoot in two areas. We have three other areas where the quality of the shoot is very similar. All our areas are very  popular with discerning guns from all over the world, including the UK, which is considered the home of driven pheasant shooting.




Driven pheasant shoot. Offer n. 1. Czech Republic
Driven pheasant shoot. Offer n. 2. Czech Republic

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