Red stag hunting in Central-Eastern Europe from North to South. 15 our offers

We have a very wide offer from red stag hunting in Central and Eastern Europe from north to south, in hunting grounds ranging from the Baltic Sea (hunting grounds in Poland) to the Adriatic Sea (Croatia) and the Black Sea (Romania), through the hills of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Alps (Austria), the Carpathians (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania) and the Tatra Mountains (Poland and Slovakia) to the flood plains of Hungary and Croatia. The different offers are able to meet the different needs of hunters in terms of type of terrain (from flat to high mountain), trophy value (from 5 to 15 kg) and last but not least, cost. There are offers with more affordable prices up to offers with significant prices for hunting in the most exclusive hunting areas in Europe. Opening the PDF at the bottom of the page you will find 15 out our more than 100 offers in the different countries.




Red stag hunting in Central Eastern Europe. 15 our offers