Japanese sika stag hunting in Czechia. Our extensive offers 2024 2025

The Japanese sika deer was introduced to the western part of the Czech Republic at the end of the 19th century. The population has grown rapidly over the years. Sika deer live in mixed and deciduous forests alternating with meadows and fields suitable for grazing. Their diet changes with the seasons. In spring they graze on emergent vegetation, while in summer they prefer the leafy parts of plants. In autumn, they forage intensively for seeds and fruits of trees, shrubs, herbs and aromatic plants. In winter, they feed on twigs of shrubs and trees and the remains of dry vegetation. Hunting sika stags is very challenging because they are very cautious and have excellent senses. They can detect the slightest movement from a great distance. Sika deer is also an extremely agile and active animal, constantly on the move. The main hunting season for sika stags is October during the rut, which in many areas peaks around the middle of the month. During this time, the stags emits loud, long, drawn-out whistles and gathers a herd of hinds  around them. This is the time of year when there are more opportunities to hunt mature stags as they are easier to find. However, in many areas where the sika deer population is very large, September and November are good hunting periods. The hunt can also be organised in December and January. Winter hunting of sika stag is often organised in the areas where they forage. Winter hunting, especially when there is snow on the ground, can be particularly exciting. Sika stag hunting, both during the rut and at other periods, is organised as both hunting by high seats/towers and stalking. In many areas it is a mixture of the two hunting methods. By opening the PDF at the bottom of the page you will find some of our offers.




Japanese sika stag hunting in Czechia 2024. Our offers