The part of our staff specialised in driven hunts, have selected several hunting areas-free range scattered all over the Czech Republic for hunting wild boar and other game (red deer and/or sika deer and/or fallow deer and/or mouflon and/or roe deer + foxes). These areas are extremely rich in games, where skilled staff and beaters-dogs have been organising driven hunts for years with good results. We ensure the selection of areas rich in game, a good distribution of hunters in the hunting area, a quality organisation of the driven hunt with an adequate number of beaters and dogs suitable for the terrain where the hunt takes place. But it must be said that a successful driven hunt cannot be achieved without the skill and discipline of the hunters. The driven  hunts are organised in two ways. In the first, traditional form, the beaters and dogs line up in a forest area and drive the animals towards the hunters, who are divided into two or more groups and positioned on paths inside the forest or in places just outside the forest. The second form,  so-called in Czech "naháňka se slíděním" , the forest area is divided into four squares. In each of these squares, a large number of beaters and dogs search for games and drive them towards the hunters, who are often positioned in elevated stands throughout all the square. The hunters are accompanied to the stands by staff. Hunting days are held in accordance with Czech hunting traditions, with an opening ceremony attended by all the participants in the driven hunt and a closing ceremony with the display of the hunted animals in a tableau and the playing of hunting horns. If you open the PDF at the bottom of the page, you will find 7 of more than 30 offers we have for the 2024/2025 season.




Driven hunt in Czechia. 7 out of more than 30 our offers